Rain Water harvesting



“Save Water, Save the Earth”


With this motto in mind, this project on Rainwater Harvesting at IIT Delhi is an aim towards conserving our most precious resource – Water. We, at IITD, are fully aware of the pressing need to take definite steps for water conservation.


The project is a study on rainwater harvesting as a means of conserving water as well as meeting water demands of a test area – the 320 acre campus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

The ultimate output of this project is a proposal for five new areas in the IITD campus whose potential for rainwater harvesting can be tapped. These areas have been proposed after careful analysis, detailed calculations and on-site examination.


In this project, the various aspects of rainwater harvesting have been studied, including its advantages and limitations. The existing rainwater harvesting structures in IIT Delhi have been observed. Annual Rainwater Harvesting Potential of the campus has been calculated, the demand-supply analysis of the existing as well as proposed systems has been done.


This project has been a wonderful learning experience for each of us team members. While learning in detail about rainwater harvesting and water demand-supply in our campus and the world, we have realized the importance of water conservation afresh. We are inspired to take forward this message of “Save Water, Save the Earth” to as many people as we can, and in as many ways that we can.


The Rainwater Harvesting project team strongly believes that action is the need of the hour to save the environment. The proposal for the five potential rainwater harvesting areas has been put before the IIT Delhi administration and will be implemented shortly

The rain water harvesting study and proposed potential reports are kept with NSS IITD and due to copyright issues are not publically available anymore.

This has also been submitted to the administration.
It can be issued on request but the rights lie with NSSIITD.


Project Team, Rainwater Harvesting at IIT Delhi